What's next?

So now that Byron's been to Alaska and returned relatively unscathed, what's next?

I suppose that I should go back to work for a while and save up some money again. Really...I am working on that!

Some friends gave us a wild-hair idea to do a trip to Tierra del Fuego. At first, this sounds amazingly adventurous (in some ways, scary), but the bit of research that I've done seems to make it out as not bad at all. Certainly challenging, and most decidedly beautiful. There is a group traveling to South America right now that has an amazing site up and going at Vanajeros. Check it out!

Realistically, that kind of trip is a ways off, probably when Meghan is off to college. In the meantime, we will continue to do trips and document them on this blog. Byron is probably taking a camping break until the spring, but I'll continue to keep posting hacks, mods & upgrades as they are done.

All the best and thanks for looking!

USA Pro Challenge, August 2014

I spent a couple of days following the USA Pro Challenge bike race for some key stages in Crested Butte and Monarch, Colorado. When I arrived at the summit of Monarch Pass, it was a mini-Westy convention!

And then the Subie jumped in...

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