Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cali, Nevada, and Utah and photos

Space Needle in Seattle. Sadly we didn't get to go up...
This is a muesuem in Seattle. It had a painted "labyrinth" on it that took FOREVER to go through. 
I thought this guys shoes were really cool. 😄
Redwood NP
This is a wheat weaving that our friend Celestine in California made me for my treehouse. 

Okay that was all my photos but here is my writing. 

I'll start in California. We went to Redwood National Park and then down to Brian and Celestine's house. Originally, we were going to go down to Yosemite and spend a night there, but due to wildfires we could not. After Cali, we went across to Nevada. We cleared the whole state of Nevada in one day. After walking through multiple casinos, I have learned that I never want to work in a casino. Right as I'm writing this we are driving through Utah, which in other words, means we are really close to home!!!! Yay!!! Although I can't say it will be published while we are in Utah, I did write it in Utah. 

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