Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Anchorage to Kenai Photo Catch Up

Pix and captions only.  See text post for details...

We drove as far as possible, to Land's End on the Homer Spit of the Kenai peninsula.

The Seafarers Memorial that I think was on Deadliest Catch.
Low tide goes way out on the Cook Inlet. Looks like the scenes before a tsunami hits.

And found out that Homer has a cycling club!

A view of one of the four volcanoes across the inlet from our camp at Captain Cooks state campground.
First bald eagle sighting on the Kenai at Captain Cooks state campground.

Exit Glacier near Seward in Kenai Fjords NP

Getting pretty close to a glacier!

We're off for the Kenai Fjords dinner cruise!  Wildlife was plentiful as seen in the following pix.

Lots of different jellyfish...this one was especially cool looking!

Puffin. Almost another Alaska state bird.

Sea lions.

A bald eagle with a fish under his/her talons. the seagulls are not as close as they look here.

An obligatory otter.

Other cool birds that we didn't catch the name of.

Standing dead forest. Due to the 1964 earthquake, this island sank about 6 feet, causing the trees to take in salt water and kill them, but preserve them at the same time.

Seems we just had to drive up this road!

and there we were able to STAND on the ice field of a glacier!

Our trip on the Kenai ended when we traveled through this train/car tunnel to Whittier to catch the ferry to Valdez.

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