Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Photos...

I'm an utter failure at this. Blogging, I mean. I've got a couple posts, nothing amazing. Dad is the committed one. He has posts every day, but while Mom writes once in a century, her posts are long and good. Anyway, I'll try and write something today. I can't promise you anything, but...

I have met a lot of new friends, some my age or older. There's Remie, Marley, and siblings Caitlyn and Wyatt, who, by the way, are from Greeley, Colorado. Their grandmother owns Kathleen Lake Lodge, and they have been helping manage it for the summer. We met Remie and her family at a campsite where there were two spots on one stretch of pavement. She taught me how to make mini bows and arrows, melt sap to make glue, and so much more. We met Marley at Liard Hot Springs, who was going up to Juneau for a summer job. She told me she was going to work at Willow Bea's Popcorn, which is the name of our dog, Willow Bea Barnes. Weird coincidence. Anyhoo, I've been trying to read every single book on my Kindle App. I have gotten through about 15 so far, hopefully I won't run out of books! I spend my time in the car drawing, reading, playing games, sleeping, cuddling the dog, or looking at HGTV magazine. Or looking at scenery, of course.
Here is my photos of scenery and other stuff:
                                                      This is adorable Stewart, the pet pig
My mini bow and arrow
Quite the pile eh?
Ya think that's a little close people?
The sea lions are fishing!
Saw this on the 4th. Cute!
I hate to say this, but that is seriously all the photos that are reasonable on my iPod...sorry.

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