Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baja Trip--Departure Day--Sunday, 15-Nov-2015

I took off on Sunday and made a last-minute change of route to avoid the high Colorado mountains as a storm blew through. First stop was Santa Fe for a visit with some good friends, Christopher & Susan. We had a great home-cooked dinner on Monday night while the storm broke, and I headed out on Tuesday for points west and south.
First stop was Petrified Forest NP in Arizona. Technically, the loop also brings you through Painted Desert NP as well. There’s definitely some cool artifacts and lots of good scenery all around.

Here’s a shot from the Painted Desert.

Highway 66 once ran through part of the park.

At the Highway 66 crossing.

More Painted Desert—the Tepee Mounds

Here’s a petrified tree that’s over a creek. (The concrete was added for stabilization in a different ‘time’ in NP management)

Petrified wood looks like a normal fallen tree, but it's like stone!

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