Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oregon Coast Redux -- July 2015

Last year we were in 'get home' mode when traveling down the west coast and spent only about a day covering the Oregon coast. We all agreed it was a place that we wanted to visit again. Turns out that our friends Brian and Celestine also wanted to check it out, so we decided to meet up with them in California and head west and north together.

We loaded up Byron and departed Boulder, CO and picked up Meghan on the last day of a gymnastics camp in Glenwood Springs, CO. We continued west and bootleg camped at about midnight somewhere in the Nevada desert east of Ely. The route we were on included "America's Loneliest Road", US50 through Nevada. I've traveled this road at night, doing 70+ mph, and not encountered another moving vehicle for 45+ minutes, in either direction!

The next day we met with with Brian & Celestine at their home in Cameron Park, CA. We got to see the town fireworks set off over the lake, and then officially departed the next morning for the coast.

I'm going to place some pictures of the trip below, and hope to come back later to add commentary. (not yet in order)

The drive-thru Redwood.

Tree vs. Rebecca

Oregon Coast Lighthouse

The innards of the lighthouse.

Sunset along Oregon Coast

Amusing diagrams on some of the coastal signage.

Oregon Coast

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Venza would not fit with topper!

Drive-Thru Redwood Tree. (Yes, we had to check it out) Byron would not fit!

Oregon Coast

First trip to the beach for Juno.

Juno having some fun on the beach!

Trying to do that artistic photo thing...

Amazing size of the base of a fallen tree. Probably 10' or higher.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Same cool coastal 'cave' Meghan found for us last year.

Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens as viewed from the south near the Columbia River.

That was a lot of miles for a week!

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