Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baja Trip--To Joshua Tree and south!

When I left Grand Canyon I planned on a short driving day, getting a few errands done, and camping at Lake Havasu. It was a Friday, Havasu was busy and wanted $28 for a simple camp spot, and was dominated by folks with BIG power boats, ATVs, and generally did not look like a campground where a semi-hippie van would be welcome. I went on down the road and camped at a small state park just on the west side of the Colorado river.

I did see a nice sunset at Havasu!

Close to the Desert View entrance to Joshua Tree NP, you'll find the General Patton museum. Who knew?

Multiple tanks and big military vehicles at the museum too!

I've often heard that Joshua Tree is a climbers Mecca. This was the GPS screen at the exit from the I-10 to the park entrance, so I guess it's true.

I'll admit that my first impression upon driving into the park was a bit 'so what', just desert scrub. That quickly changed.

Cholla Cactus

By the acre!

This was an interesting area where granite rock is pushed up from far below and contacts other rock.

Professional explanation of the above shot...

Adult Joshua Tree

Some of the climbing mecca.

OK...climbing all over. I'll stop now.

I ended up camping semi-urban somewhere in San Diego county at an RV park. Powered up the camp batteries and filled water in anticipation of crossing into Mexico shortly. It was good to be urban as I needed to get some copies made of documents that would be good to have available in case of loss of originals in Mexico.

Last dinner in the USA was pork cutlets in an Asian / mustard sauce over the campfire. Treating myself pretty good!

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