Friday, June 13, 2014

A few more...

We were lucky enough to meet up with some great friends, the Carey's, from California for the portion of our trip from Grand Teton to Banff. The following pics were from their camera and provide some perspectives of Byron we would not otherwise have. Sadly, they were not able to continue north with us...they said something about having to get back for work.

Byron and the Tetons

Us at Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone NP

Closer than I was willing to get

At the Roosevelt Arch, Yellowstone NP

Roadside lunch setup

Anyone for a Dutch oven chocolate cookie?

Unlikely to get another one like this

Family at Glacier NP

Luxury is now camping at KOA. Showers, WiFi, cabin for the Carey's.

This is a parking lot at Glacier NP. Big snow year.

Banff NP added these cool wildlife crossovers on the Trans-Canada highway. They say it cut down on kills by 80%

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