Monday, June 23, 2014


To make up for all my lost posts that I haven't written...huh huh ummm... I'm going to try to make this one at least longish...well I guess it will never be as long as Mom's but here goes

Yesterday we went to the Midnight Sun Festival in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is a festival to celebrate the longest day of the year on June 21. Dad, under my non-advisory, ate a caribou steak, which then later said I was right the whole time that caribou is not going to taste good. I mean, eating something you just saw in a pen is a good idea? NO! Urgggg. Anyway, the festival was full of good food and cool shops. We saw retro belly dancers, skateboarding attempts, and a lot of fun stuff. Fairbanks is a really great city. Except for one thing. The bugs. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! I swear I have at least 2 million. Here's one here's one here's one...

Last night was not the best night. not because of the awesome hotel with WiFi we are staying at, bit because of barfing dogs, barking dogs, and how it was light out ALL NIGHT!!! Looks like it's gonna be a sleeping in the car kind of day...

I'm sorry that my supposed to be long post is like a millionth of the size of Mom's but I'm not a very interesting person. You can comment things you want me to write about and I will get writing. But for now, see you next post. PS: Happy Birthday to Angela DiFronzo!  


  1. I enjoyed your comments and/or commentary on your blog. I got the picture of where you were staying and how you all faired the night. It sounds like you were looking forward to moving on. Did you wear those blackout shades your dad got for all of you for sleeping? I just wondered if they really work.
    PS I finally got the book you recommended. I am going to start it right after I finish my other book. Everywhere I look, they are talking or writing about it. I haven't seen the movie yet, but plan on it. Love, Aunt Jane

  2. That's great! And yes, I do admit to using them, and they work pretty well. Mom laughs every single time she sees me in them...