Friday, June 6, 2014

And we made it to Day 5!

And as I'm sure Rob and Meghan have already told you, we're in Glacier National Park. This was supposed to be a sort of homecoming for me because I did work a summer here in Glacier between my junior and senior years of college, but so far, nothing looks familiar. Beautiful, yes, but familiar, no. I guess that's what 22 years does, and with so many changes in my life in that time, I guess I should expect the same of the park. Twenty-two years, people, twenty-two. Where did that time go?

And on that note, how did it come about that we are now on this epic adventure, to Alaska and back? I'm still not sure I know. About a month ago as we were preparing, Rob said to me, "You know, I really appreciate that you are willing to take on this trip, 7000 miles, in a 25-year-old vehicle, and me with no job to return to." I responded, "When you put it that way..." But really, why wouldn't we do this trip? Meghan is the perfect age at 11 - not yet in middle school, still talking to us at least sometimes, old enough to remember the trip, not too old to resent us for taking us away from her friends. It's part of the country we've always wanted to see. My amazing office readily agreed to let me take the time off. It was time for Rob to leave Amgen. We could go through life saying, "Some day, we should..." or, we should just go. We took a leap. So far, so good. Five days in.

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