Saturday, June 14, 2014

Officially on the Alaska Highway!

Today we entered onto the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek BC (Milepost 0). Unfortunately there is major road construction going on right at the Milepost and we were unable to go right up to it for a photo.  Oh well, distance shots will have to do.  We traveled about 300 miles total and are now camped at Inga Lake. Simple free BC government campground that's just going to have to do. It was about a 3km journey into the camp on a logging road.  Byron did great, but is showing the signs in mud tossed up on his sides. I promise a car wash is on the list buddy!

After the rainstorm passed, we emerged from Byron and met a couple from Switzerland who are traveling in a 1984 Vanagon that they brought over from the continent. They have been on the road for over a year and sound to be just getting started. Their van has a world map on the drivers door showing where they've been, and flag stickers of the countries visited on the side. Rebecca was inspired and calls them her new heroes. Uh oh!

Willow made friends with three dogs here that belong to some locals out fishing. Those dogs inspired her to explore boundaries in terms of playing in the water we've not previously seen in her. Now we have wet, muddy dog smell and mess in our 75 sq ft shared living space.Nice! Glad that I chose the upper bunk and she can't get up here. 

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