Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whitehorse, Yukon Terriroty

We've made it Whitehorse in the Yukon and are taking part of the day to deal with some minor repair issues.  Byron is wearing the right front tire a bit unevenly and is in need of an alignment to solve that, and I trashed Rebecca's iPhone screen back in Glacier...we found a shop to do a same-day repair.  All should be good by the end of the day for a short drive north and then on to Dawson City tomorrow.
We're excited from what we've read to see the historical mining town, and travel on to Chicken, Alaska after a ferry crossing at the Yukon river!
We've seen some great scenery and lots of animals on the drive since Dawson Creek.  Some photos follow.

Caribou running quickly across the road. We were lucky to get this quick snap through the windshield before it was in the woods again.

Byron after a rough trip out to the Inga Lake campground.

Willow seems to be getting her groove on and even went in the water at Inga Lake.

Lake Muncho, BC

Mountain sheep with babies

More lake Muncho.

Byron and Rebecca at Lake Muncho.

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