Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tatchun Creek, YT

Today we spent much of the day in Whitehorse attending to minor repair issues and exploring the town. We saw one of the steam boats used to move material and man on the Yukon River in days gone by, and explored a nice downtown area a bit. Unfortunately, the alignment shop did not have the part required to bring Byron back into shape, so I'll have the part shipped up to Fairbanks and do the repair there.  Unfortunately, that will probably be at the cost of a pair of front tires. Alas, such an event was budgeted for in our planning for the trip. 

Tonight we're camped at Tatchun Creek, just north of Carmacks, YT.  It's a rural campground with no services, but a nice setting next to a creek that is a major Chinnok Salmon spawning area. We met our camp neighbors who happen to be from The Netherlands, where I worked for a few years. We had a good chat and congratulated each other on taking on such a journey as we've chosen.

Enroute to camp, we took The Milepost up on the suggested stop by the Braeburn Lodge. The place is a checkpoint for a 1,000 mile sled dog race, The Yukon Quest. Most important to us was the giant cinnamon rolls they make. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!



  1. What fun... !!! Thanks for posting your progress. Lots of fun memories that you're evoking traveling in the van!

  2. Keaton is very envious of the giant cinnamon rolls. We just caught up on your adventure. Looks amazing.