Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dawson City

Today we drove to Dawson City, YT. We previewed the Klondike River campground south of town on our way in and decided it looked good and was worth the drive back. In the afternoon we explored the town and enjoyed the wooden sidewalks, old buildings, and a bit of window shopping. We went to the local history museum and learned about the Yukon gold rush and the substantial production of gold today.  We had dinner in town at Sourdough Joes, famous for fish & chips...deservingly so.  
Enroute we stopped at Gravel Lake for a roadside lunch, and enjoyed the view of two moose across the lake during our stop.  Unfortunately, our zoom would not do them justice, but the binoculars did better for our eyes only.
Tomorrow we will repatriate ourselves to the USA as we enter Alaska for the first time. We look forward to exploring the town of Chicken, and perhaps moving further south toward the Alaska Highway again, to head toward Fairbanks and points east, such as Circle Hot Springs. 
Yesterday we made store-bought eggs for breakfast.  WE MISS OUR CHICKENS! Wow, what a difference in taste. Today we happened upon some farm eggs in a cooler at a small town gas stop and quickly bought a dozen!
We are now fully in the land of no darkness at night, only twilight. Weird, but cool at the same time. 
No photos synced to this device yet today. Sorry.

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