Saturday, June 28, 2014


Here we are in Denali National Park, watching the moose go by in the next campsite over, the bears and their cubs eating their plants, and the learning that squirrels are helpful here because they spread the mushroom's moistness to the dry soil. In other words, a pretty good time. All except for the rain. That's the one thing. It. Soaks. Everything. My shoes, my pants, my hair. We are constantly using our portable heater, "Mr. Heater", to dry our belongings. Today is a day of celebration. We get Willow back! We are down to one grocery bag of food and Mom finally decided to wear the baseball cap she insisted on bringing along. What a morning! 

Our next stop will be a campground outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Then on to Anchorage. We already have a Costco list going of what we need. We think our new motto will be A tortilla a day keeps the hunger away. Seriously. We go through that many tortillas. 

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